Having recently spent some time with Microsoft enabled colleagues, I noticed that the default fonts they tend to use in Office documents have strange names (Calibri, Cambria, ...) despite the fact that their visual difference with more conventional ones from the previous edition of Windows (Verdana, Arial, etc.) is sometimes hardly perceptible (a good example of the legendary user-friendly practices of commercial software vendors).

After some Googling it turns out that these are fonts provided with Vista apps, which (of course) are not available in Linux. There is no official way of installing these as they are plagued by license issues. I did try what is written here which is rather simple and does seem to work although the fonts do not look terribly good on screen (but best when printed).

Note that there is a small typo in the instructions (missing dot on the fourth line) and the correct instructions are as follows:

$ cabextract -F ppviewer.cab PowerPointViewer.exe
$ mkdir -p ~/.fonts/vista-fonts
$ cabextract -F '*.TT*' -d ~/.fonts/vista-fonts/ ppviewer.cab
$ fc-cache -vf