OK, now that we have two guitars, we need a decent amplifier to plug them! After that I will learn to play, I promise...

So far, I used to have only a Vox DA 5 and an Lead Amplug. Both of them are not bad (the plug in particular is really surprising given its size) but none of them can really play clean sounds at a decent volume. Of course, you can make your neighbors suffer with the DA 5 if you are ready to use the heavily distorted channels (and are not afraid by the hum noise level). But I only use the Clean 2 channel (and on the Amplug, I always use the gain setting at minimum) and then the sound output is rather limited.

I have been trying a few things like the Roland Cube 30x (see below) and the Fender Blues Junior. The Blues Junior is really fine (the tone is excellent at all gain settings, the only complaint I have is the lack of headphone output which I like for playing at night) but its price tag (above 500 €) is definitely more than I am ready to spend on this now

I finally bought a second-hand 80s Roland Super Cube 40 from a professional musician who used it for his Fender Rhode piano. I paid this one 95 € and I am pretty satisfied with it so far. It is in excellent condition and the tone on the clean channel is really great at any level of output. The 10'' speaker is larger and gives a better low-end response than the DA 5. There's a headphone output jack and a nice spring reverb. There's also a distortion channel but it is quite strange, sounding more like buzzing than anything else. The external input (called "stack jack" on the manual) is somewhat useless. The main supply is high-quality and I don't experience the sort of hands-off grounding noise that is somewhat annoying on the DA 5 (note that this problem was also present to some extent on the Roland Cube 30x that I tried).

This being said, the sound quality of this (perhaps 25 years old) guy is to my ears above current versions of the Cube sold by Roland. In particular, the clean channel in modern cubes is called JC Clean and has a specific tone, which sounds a bit artificial (to me). This channel is meant to emulate the sound of the Jazz Chorus series. The musician who sold me the Super Cube also had an original Jazz Chorus 50 (with a single speaker) which I tried as well. What I can tell is that the (very recognizable) Chorus effect and the JC clean sound were certainly better (although I wouldn't use neither of them for everyday playing) than what you get from modern Roland cubes. As I am not particularly found of the COSM amplifier channels and given that I paid my Super Cube for about half the price of a modern Cube 30x, I have been pretty satisfied with the Super Cube so far.

You can find the pdf version of the manual of the Super cube series on the web or get my local djvu copy from here.