As some of you may know I am suffering from the bigfoot syndrome usually requiring size 14 US shoes in most sport shoe brands (Nike, Asics, Saucony, North Face) and sometimes even a bit more for shoes with very stiff front (trekking or some trail running shoes).

Let's say that this 'problem' has been largely alleviated by the generalization of Internet shopping: while it is almost impossible for me to find shoes in normal stores, it is usually not a problem to get them from the Internet, except for the fact that you can of course not try them before buying. Having done this quite often, I am thus rather confident about the fact that size 14 US or 32 cm is usually OK for me.

As I recently considered doing some more serious cycling, I wanted to buy clipless cycling shoes. Here the situation is even worse as cycling clothing is usually quite small in fitting (I most often require XL or XXL gerseys for instance) and some major brands (eg. Mavic) do not even produce shoes that are that big. I finally found out that Shimano has most of its models (except high end ones) up to size 50 European or even 52 for a few more common models. Of course, there is nowhere where you can try these in the real (non Internet) world and most forums on the Web that discuss the topic claim that Shimano shoe fitting is very small. I finally ended buying some in size 50 (European) which is said (on the box) to correspond to 14.2 US size or 31.8 cm. I believe this is really the correct size for me (and certainly not too small) which is fairly consistent with my usual US shoe sizing. On the other hand, if you consider the European sizing it is probably true that you should take about one size larger than usual (for instance Nike claims that their 14 US size corresponds to 32 cm or 48.5 European size).

Add a pair of A530 road pedal (very good product from Shimano again, suitable both for SPD shoes or to use as normal pedals, ideal if you intend to use your bike also with normal shoes or in city environments where being clipped is not always possible) and your are ready!

Genesis Vapour ready to go!