Looking for a robust helmet which is good both for riding a bicycle and for (occasional) skateboarding? This page gives some information and points to a list of helmets that are supposed to match those requirements.

Unfortunately the only in the list that can be found in France are

Unfortunately in the case of the latter, the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute document mentioned above claims that there is a difference between the Ace Skate series and the Ace Freestyle one and only the former may be found in Paris (as always at Hawaii Surf. The Bike Mailorder has a very large katalog (but it's in German and I am not even sure that it ships to France :(

I may wait until I can find the TSG Superligh which looks great (I own such an helmet which weights 460g and the TSG Superlight is announced at 300g) here. The TSG distributor in France seems to be called Hoff; maybe some news soon...