I recently visited the boomkat website (excellent music store) which displays several top * charts for records produced in 2007. Browsing through these lists, I noted these ones which sounded worth some further investigation (for me at least) :


Music you want to listen in heaven

British dub

Music you want to listen in the club

Hip hop

Tougher than Britney but not as dumb as 50 cents

Dabrye's clones

  • Lukid - Onandon (although I have been a little disappointed by Flying Lotus' latest Reset EP, but it's not a reason to dismiss another brilliant player in the same category)

A good surprise (for me) has been that many of the records available in MP3 format are also available as FLAC files (those are indicated above), which boomkat adequately describes as " Who is it for? You are a bit of a music connoisseur, you deem 320Kbps MP3s to be inferior, you want DRM free, lossless downloads and you want them now! Sound familiar? Then FLAC is for you." (waou! sounds like they are talking to me). The sunny side is that you can burn a quality audio CD from FLAC files (using k3b for instance), the format is free and thus fully portable and you can also encode the files to a lower bit-rate for listening on a portable player. The dark side is that these are a bit expensive: not much more than MP3 releases but still almost about the price of a CD (at least you don't pay for delivery).