I leave in a place in Paris which is well known for its strong Turkish community (with many of the shop owners coming from the Kurdish parts of southeastern Turkey). There used to be a lot of Turkish record shops around where you could find music straight from Istanbul which you could not find elsewhere.

These days however, there are almost no "physical" records shops that are left anywhere and the Turkish ones are no exception. The place above is one where I bought a lot of great records which are among my favorites, including

  • Mercan Dede - 800
  • Burhan Öçal - Yeni Rüya
  • Göksel Baktagir - Furtuna
  • Melihat Gulses - Istanbul'dan Atina'ya Turkuler

The last two records I bought there in November were

  • Ahibba - Matar u Nar
  • Timuçin Şahin Trio - Window for my Breath

and the shop is now closed and for sale.